Event Coordinator Role Profile

Event Coordinator Training & Skills Profile

Event Coordinators and Officers are sometimes some of the most important roles within a society as they provide the bread and butter activities that attract members. Delivering Activities can be difficult and depending on what events you want to deliver, can have lots of rules, processes and steps you need to take to deliver them safely and effectively. We have designed training for you which will help you to deliver all the events you want to in your time at LSE.  

Event Coordinator Training Guide

Below is a summary of the Compulsory & Recommended training courses that have to be completed by Event Coordinator. Below your training guide, you can find access to all of your courses via direct links.

Online Training

  • Planning Successful Events (Coming Soon)
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Managing Finances and Funding
  • Effective Marketing & Communications
  • Creating an Inclusive Environment

Online Training

  • Room Bookings Training (Coming Soon)

Conference Sessions

  • Planning Successful Events (Coming Soon)
  • Creating Inclusive Environments

Event Coordinator Skills Profile

Below is a summary of the skills that you will develop as an Event Coordinator over your year that graduate employers are looking for.

Project Management


Finance Skills



Time Management

Team Work

Complete Skills List

Online Course Package for Event Coordinators

Below is a list of the online event courses available for Event Coordinators.