Treasurer Training Profile

Treasurer Training & Skills Profile

A Treasurers function is to ensure that club and society finances are managed well and processes facilitate student activity. Doing this role will help you understand how to build and delivery budgets as well as provide you with the responsibility of ensure spending is appropriate with the funds your group has.

Treasurer Training Guide

Below is a summary of the Compulsory & Recommended training courses that have to be completed by Treasurer. Below your training guide, you can find access to all of your courses via direct links.

Online Training

  • Leadership & Group Management
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Managing Finance & Funding
  • Creating an Inclusive Environment
  • GDPR

Online Training

  • None

Conference Sessions

  • Managing Finances
  • Leadership & Group Management
  • Creating Inclusive Environments

Treasurer Skills Profile

Below is a summary of the skills that you will develop as an Editor over your year that graduate employers are looking for.

Financial Skills

Analytical Skills



Team Work

Time Management

IT Literacy

Complete Skills List

Courses Available for Treasurer

Below is a list of available online courses for treasures to complete.