Wellbeing/Outreach Officer Role Profile

Wellbeing/Outreach Officer Training & Skills Guide

A Wellbeing or Outreach Officer can take on many types of wellbeing and outreach projects which include mental health initiatives, support for members overall wellbeing, community outreach, widening particiation activities, volunteering organisation and much more. We want to support groups to be able to deliver the activities we can and that is why these roles have their own training below.

Wellbeing/Outreach Officer Training Guide

Below is a summary of the Compulsory & Recommended training courses that have to be completed by Wellbeing/Outreach Officers. Below your training guide, you can find access to all of your courses via direct links.

Online Training

  • Creating an inclusive environment
  • Leadership and Group Management

Online Training

  • None

Conference Sessions

  • Creating an Inclusive Environment

Wellbeing/Outreach Officer Skills Profile

Below is a summary of the skills that you will develop as an Editor over your year that graduate employers are looking for.

Emotional Intelligence



Team Work

Project Management

Complete Skills List

Courses Available for Wellbeing/Outreach Officers

Below is a list of online courses available to Wellbeing & Outreach officers to be completed.