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At LSE and LSE Students’ Union we are committed to creating a safe environment for all students and tackling sexual violence. 

We all benefit from learning more about what it means to seek and give consent, as well as how to safely intervene when a situation isn’t quite right. This course aims to empower you to make positive decisions about your interactions with others and provide information on where you can get support whilst at LSE. 

CONTENT WARNING: This course discusses topics of sexual assault, harassment, abuse and rape. You do not have to participate in Consent.Ed should you feel unable to do so.

Section 1Welcome to the course
Section 2What is consent?
Lecture 2Why are we talking about consent?
Lecture 3What is sexual violence?
Lecture 4What is consent?
Lecture 5Remember FRIES
Section 3How do you know if you have consent?
Section 4Where to get support
Section 5How can I make a difference?
Section 6Quiz
Section 7Completing the Course
Section 8Sources