As a Student Group Committee, it is your responsibility to make sure all social media accounts and marketing materials are produced in a professional way. You must make sure you make your own accounts, ensure that all of your content is inclusive and genuine, ensuring that your channels are regularly updated, specifically targeted to your target student groups. We will now run through this in more detail, exploring each area step by step.


This Course will take approx. 30 mins

This training is compulsory for:

Social Media Officers
Events Officers

This training is recommended for:

Outreach Officers

Section 1Marketing Overview
Lecture 1Marketing Breakdown
Lecture 2Marketing Your Group
Lecture 3A Few Rules...
Section 2Social Media
Lecture 4Posting On Social Media
Lecture 5Analysing Facebook
Lecture 6Analysing Instagram
Lecture 7Analysing Twitter
Lecture 8Top Tips
Lecture 9Responding to negative comments
Lecture 10Inclusive Marketing
Section 3Promotion Support
Lecture 11Communications Support from the SU
Lecture 12Social Media & Newsletter Support
Lecture 13LSESU Website Support
Lecture 14Sheffield Street Stalls
Section 4Completing the Course