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This course will provide committee members who run student groups, with an understanding of your responsibilities relating to health and safety when delivering your activities and events. It is a legal requirement to be able to provide a safe environment for members by understanding how to manage risk, be responsive to issues and how to handle students data.

This Course will take approx. 40 mins

This training is compulsory for:

Event Coordinators

This training is recommended for:

Trip Coordinators

Section 1Legislation
Lecture 1Introduction & Responsibilities
Lecture 2Risk and Legislation
Lecture 3Speech and Libel
Section 2Completing Risk Assessments
Lecture 4Introduction to Risk Assessments
Lecture 5The 4 Steps of Risk Assessments
Lecture 6Step 1: Identifying Hazards
Lecture 7Step 2: Assessing Risk
Lecture 8Step 3: Mitigating Control Measurers
Lecture 9Step 4: Recording
Section 3Accidents & Insurance
Lecture 10Accidents
Lecture 11Insurance
Section 4GDPR & Data
Lecture 12Handling Data & Legislation
Lecture 13GDPR in Practical Action
Section 5Completing The Course