This online training module focuses on Media Law and Libel for publications.

By the end of this module, you will have an improved understanding of:

  • What Libel is (including the definition of Libel)
  • How someone brings a Libel action
  • What the Claimant has to prove
  • Defences to Libel
  • What Defamation is
This Course will take approx. 40 mins

This training is compulsory for:

Editor in Chief
Marketing and Communications Officers

This training is recommended for:

Writers or Publishers for a Publication or Journal

Section 1Welcome to the Course
Lecture 1Welcome to the Course
Lecture 2Committee Responsibilities
Lecture 3Definitions of Libel
Section 2Defences to Libel
Lecture 4New Defences
Lecture 5Substantially True
Lecture 6Honest Comment/Opinion
Lecture 7In the Public Interest
Lecture 8Under Section 5
Lecture 9Peer Reviewed Journal
Section 3Sequence for Libel Action
Section 4The Claimant
Lecture 11Introduction
Lecture 12Identity - Does it refer to them?
Lecture 13What was published?
Lecture 14Defamation
Section 5How this affects you
Lecture 15Avoiding Defamation Claims
Lecture 16Practical Action
Section 6Complete the Course