Each year our Clubs and Societies bring in an outstanding amount of sponsorship, and this increases year on year. With the vast amount of groups affiliated to the Union, this training is designed to give you a better understanding of sponsorship if you are a new group, or if you are a new committee member and want to improve your sponsorship package.

This training will go through the basics of sponsorship, what sponsors look for when they are deciding who they should sponsor and equip you with the skills you need when talking to sponsors and creating bespoke packages for them.

This Course will take approx. 40 mins

This training is compulsory for:

External/Sponsorship Officers
Event Coordinators

This training is recommended for:

Any Committee member involved with acquiring or gaining sponsorship for a group.

Section 1The Basics
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Sponsor Basics
Lecture 3Managing Sponsors
Lecture 4Key Message
Lecture 5Key Principle
Section 2The Offer
Lecture 6Four types of sponsors
Lecture 7Sponsors Objectives
Lecture 8The Value
Lecture 9Top Tips
Lecture 10Long Term Relationships
Section 3The Process
Lecture 11Sponsorship Process
Lecture 12Making Decisions
Lecture 13Sharing Knowledge
Lecture 14Negotiations
Section 4Your Proposal
Lecture 15Sponsorship Pack
Lecture 16Problem Solving
Section 5Evaluation
Lecture 17Evaluation
Lecture 18Measurement
Lecture 19What you can do
Section 6Creative Sponsorship
Lecture 20Get Creative
Lecture 21Levels of Sponsorship
Lecture 22Think Digital
Lecture 23Know your audience
Lecture 24Win Win Win
Section 7Complete the Course