Welcome to the Online Training for Using the LSESU Website! This course will run you through the basic processes of the website, from signing in to sending messages to your student group. This session contains basic to do lists as well as videos to assist you with the process.

By the end of this course you should:

  • Be able to log into the website
  • Edit your details on the Website
  • Adding your committee to the Student Group
  • Sending Messages to your group Members
  • Create Events and Add Tickets
This Course will take approx. 30 mins

This training is compulsory for:



This training is recommended for:

Any other committee members

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Getting Started
Lecture 2Logging In
Lecture 3Editing your Details
Section 3Communicating to your Student Group
Lecture 4Add your Committee and Make a new Mailing List
Lecture 5Sending Messages from the SU Website
Section 4Events and Processes
Lecture 6Creating Events
Lecture 7Ticket Sales
Lecture 8What's On
Lecture 9Checking your Sales Reports
Lecture 10Group Demographics
Section 5Completing the Courses